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ZDDPlus Engine Break In Additive, 4-OZ. BOTTLE


ZDDPlus Engine Break In Additive, 4-OZ

ZDDPlus ZDDP Oil additive is simply the best option available to bring back the SF rating to today's engine oils.

Today's modern oils are being stripped of additives that keep engines alive, these additives have been removed to minimize exposure the OEM's have since emissions equipment must be warranted for 100K miles. The simple formulation change in the oil reduces the warranty exposure for the big auto maker but reduces the life of the engines parts due to lack of lubricity. The cost of operation is going up with modern oils, not for the OEM's but for the owner of the vehicle.

Simply put, today's oils do not have what we want to make high performance engines and parts live, ZDDP Additive is a must when installing HP parts like camshafts and lifters. The additive creates a much better environment for break in, giving you the lubrication you need when newly installed parts are put together for the first time. Regular use of the ZDDP additive could cause premature plugging of Catalytic Converters and DPF Filters, that's why the OEM's wanted it removed from the currently offered oils....

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